Welcome to JD Tower.org I hope this site will serve as a fitting tribute to JD and especially my friend, tower operator Allen Brougham. It is hard to believe it has been 20yrs since I first knocked on the door at JD! In 1987, I was a student at....more 

The original tower was built in 1894 and was much smaller than the final version........more

The second version of JD Tower was destroyed in an accident in 1917.........more

>In the early 70's, the tower's Armstrong levers and pipeline were retired....more


Tower Operators

Meet some of the colorful tower operators that worked at JD over the years......more


JD Tower Closes

After 75 years of continuous service, JD Tower closes...more

Assorted JD Articles

Here is a great collection of articles about JD from the Bullsheet...more

I am especially interested in pictures of JD in the 1960's and 70's.  If you have pictures or remembrances of JD, please send them to me by clicking anywhere on this text or on the email link below.  Your work will be posted with proper credit for all to enjoy!

  July 1976
An Eastbound train picks up orders passing JD.....
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   January 1974
B&O GP38 & CNJ SD35 pass JD with the "East Coaster"
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 Summer 1975
Derailment at Langdon! A young Fred Dunn sits on the steps of a derailed B&O caboose a few miles west of JD tower. Check out the "Photographs" page for more shots of the derailment.........
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 Summer 1976
JD in happier days. Check out that crisp paint!.....
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February 1974, a train eases off the Alexandria SD as operator Simms waits for the caboose to pass
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For many years, retired tower operator Allen Brougham published a newsletter called the Bullsheet. Click here to check it out online................
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